Sony has three different new FF prototypes in the works …

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Re: A real MLU camera?

Piginho wrote:

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Sony, if you're listening, please make one of the three a full frame 36Mp with OVF (straight from A900 if you like) optimized for stills photography. Don't care if it has video or not.

Then you don't need 36 Mp since mirror vibration will destroy fine detail in a wide range of shutter speeds, or you need to work in MLU mode to benefit from the very high resolution sensor. Not my choise.

Is that what Nikon users are doing with their 36 MP DSLRs? Wouldn't they just need to use a shutter speed that is higher than the reciprocity of the focal length to stop the vibration?


I stand by my original comment and judging from other posts on here, quite a few would like a stills oriented, 36Mp camera with an OVF.

Is it worth starting a new thread, asking all who feel this way to add their name, effectively to a petition to Sony, along with comments?

It would be a step backwards for Sony. If the success of the evf was bad with their first slt, then yes, I'd agree and Sony would stop producing these cameras. The slt market is doing good for them. From a financial perspective, it's a step backwards.

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