PC-E 24 on D800E vs TS-E 24 II / 17 on 5D II (or III)

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joger wrote:

As soon as the angle gets bigger or the shorts are not symmetrical PTGui and PS CS5 start to make weird things. especially with these kinds of buildings:

Yes, I agree, with multirow panoramas at very wide angles this will likely be a problem. Still, I will give it a try. Actually, it may not be possible to match the rectilinear 17mm field of view with four shots with the 28mm. A lot probably depends on using the proper software algorithms for resampling and stitching.

So the question is IMHO not how does the quality look like . it is more is it doable and will the result look right and how much work do i have afterwards at home on my computer?

I don't think the time needed per shot in the field is any different using TS-E or normal lenses. For stitching I had some good results using Microsoft ICE, which is fast and extremely easy to use.

So the per pixel quality might good or better but the images are simply incorrect and the human brain recognizes the defects very fast.

Every projection is "incorrect", unless you print on a sphere. For example rectilinear can look much less natural than fisheye for many subjects at extreme wide angle.

A four frame session takes me maybe maximum 10 seconds - a four shot tilted exposure is nearly impossible from tripod under 1 minute - if you don't do it from tripos the xx Mpixel will be lost anyhow due to camera shake - I only get good results with MLU and remote release of the camera and very good exposure on the highlights to avoid clipping (IMHO biggest problem with huge shots)

Sorry, in good light this is simply not true. It is very easy to get optimal results with the D800 handheld. Of course, the large dynamic range of the sensor helps to avoid the highlight clipping seen in some of your shots.

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