OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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Good luck! But...

mcabato wrote:

when visting today a camera shop in order to replace a lost lens cap, I tested af-speed of the OM-D with my 2.8/90-250 including teleconverter. since it worked well eneough for not too fast moving subjects, it hit me, I could buy it at instant. and so I did

...why? What's wrong with the E-5? Isn't it it better on such huge and heavy lens? I mean, it sounds awkward... OM-D body + MFT adapter + TC + 90-250, what's the point? A few more megapixels?

I bought the D800 about the same way, went to my usual shop, tested one and decided almost instantly to buy one (not the demo camera), but in my case the reason was that I could see the differences between the D300s and the D800 images not only in the megapixels but in everything else as well. The day after I sold my D300s and the two DX lenses I had...

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