5DII 24-105 photos blurred - is there a 'golden' range of SSs for using IS?

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Re: 24-105 at 105mm - intersting results?

Wow! Very impressive IS! It's photos like these which made me assume IS would take care of any camera movement & that it tcouldn't have been camera shake, but it seems that when I took 2 of the shots I must have been very unsteady. I was in a rather awkward postion, trying to get a good angle, which may explain it.

However, I've just taken a series of quick shots of the same subject @ 105mm, with SSs varying from 1/4 to 1/500. The sharpest used either 1/10 or 1/500 (all with IS on). Less than 1/10 & they were unacceptable & the others were just about OK, but the 1/10 & 1/500 were pin sharp.

I tried the same with IS off & the slowest acceptable shot was & 1/30.

Clearly this is not a scientific test & it would need many more samples to be statistically significant. However, it is something I'l have to establsih for future work.

Finally, my great thanks to everyone for all your advice & help. All the different points have been useful & have made me think more carefully.


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