Apologies from the “Tilted” host

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Re: Apologies from the “Tilted” host

RaptorUK wrote:

mirrorrorrim wrote:

My “T is for Tilted” challenge says “Interpret as you wish, but I will DQ if not directly relevant to title”. I did not foresee that many entries would be simply of regular images rotated, or of objects appearing to be tilted by the barrel effect of a wide angle lens, etc. Had I known this I would have added to the rules that an actual object must be tilted in real life. I have had to DQ about half of the entries to stay fair and consistent with my intent.

Only you know what your intent was . . . you should have taken DQ decisions based on what you published in the Challenge Title, Description and Rules . . . you said “Interpret as you wish, . . . " I don't see how you can DQ any entry as you have left it completely open to be Interpreted as the Entrant wishes . . .

You failed to add the other part: "but I will DQ if not directly relevant to title".

Apologies to those who entered and were DQ’d because of my narrower interpretation. I have hosted 38 challenges now and have tried to be fair and clear in the requirements. I should have been more precise with this one.

You should not apologise . . . you should reinstate. IMO. It is unfair to DQ because an Entrant was not able to determine what your actual intent was and instead entered based on what you have written.

I feel that my interpretation that the image be of a tilted object in a challenge with this title is reasonable and I thought obvious. As a host I have the right to DQ any entry that I feel does not meet my standard. Again I admit in hindsight that I should have been more specific.

One editorial comment is that people should (gasp) actually go and try to take a picture for a challenge instead of trying to find one in their archives that might work. In this case apparently most people could not find an appropriate one so they decided to merely rotate an image that they had.

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