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Re: Get a Sony or a Fuji or a Samsung.

no DSLR is good , especially avoid Nikon for now, it has terrible QC , I got 3 bad D800e and 2 bad D800 , I am on my 5th D800 and returning it soon(I may just compromise my taste to get the D600 this time because it seems safer).

if you do demand a DSLR shaped camera get a Sony SLT , maybe if you are new to this game , try a SLT A57 first or SLT65.

it is a hard to beat kind of camera for the money , it is cheap , fast , with exceptional AF for its class , and it has the best VF in its class(all Optical VF in this class of cameras from CNP are uselss).

also avoid Canon if you have no lens for the EF mount just yet because Canon will not go EVF soon , the OVF is a thing of the past and you should avoid unless you are dealing with annoying clients that really have no idea or understanding how EVF works or how much  better it is than the OVF but just criticise the Sonys for the EVF , or you are already glued with a some paticular mount with many many lenses like me.

well, I use a Nikon D800e , Canon 5D2 and Sony A99v because I have many lenses for these craps but if I dont have any lens for any of these  yet, I just get a cheap Fuji X-E1, Sony NEX6 or Samsung NX210(these 3 cameras the best mirrorless cameras to date).

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