BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

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Re: BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?


Had a 100-400 in the past. IQ did not really satisfy me. Needed tot stop down towards f11 to get decent sharpness and contrast. Bought the Tamron as a light to travel lens. The Tamron turned out to be sharper and more contrasfull than the Canon so sold that one.

After a while I started to miss the range of the Canon. Bought another one (used) which is much better than the first one. 400mm wide open it is already better than the first copy stopped down ! And this one is also better than the Tamron.


Beyond 200mm the Tamron is sharper than Canons 70-300 non-IS (owned it also). Only in the range below 135 the Canon outperforms the Tamron. Focus is really no compare : hands down for the Tamron. I'd prefer the Tamron (of which I have a great copy).

The 100-400 is again better than the Tamron when it comes to longer focal range. 300mm wide open with the 100-400 is as good as the Tamron ever gets and even 400mm a bit stopped down is better than the Tamron at 300mm. When it comes to focus tracking, as is used with BIF, the Canon is better (smoother). Although Canons IS is one of the oldest versions, it does not do under for Tamrons VC, instead I think it is even better.

I keep the Tamron to travel light, but the 100-400 comes first.

Regards, Sandor.

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