D600 or D800 or Wait longer?

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Re: D600 or D800 or Wait longer?

When the D600 was first rumored, I was intrigued now its been out a short time, I have cooled off, oh, I may get one later and sell or retire my DX bodies, but I'll wait at least a year or so,so as to let Nikon get is butt in gear and revamp its quality control system.

With the disaster intro of the D800[I still have no need for it] I have been under the impression that quality products are most important in todays market place, like the auto industry, and many other products but it seems Nikon[can't speak for Canon] has not heard of customer satisfaction, sort of get it on the street and then deal with it.

I'm very disappointed in Nikons approach to quality. I have been a Nikon shooter for 25 years and purchased many new Nikon products, but it seems last few years cameras "suck" for the first several months on street, sorry if this hurts folks' feelings but I don't think I'd buy a D800 at any price! even though I really have no use for one.

My current inventory, is a old FE2, F100, D200, D90, and a D700, and right now I would not trade any one of my cameras for a new Nikon. Thats sad an expensive "toy" is in such bad condition from the factory, so many errors in performance.

The D600 still looks good but I'm on the sidelines,meanwhile I'm spending more time with my film cameras, I think at least they will be working long after these others are being used as a "door"stop.

I'm very disturbed about a product that I've spent many years using with virtually no problems, and now I have mainly lost faith in them.

To all, GOOD LUCK!!


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