Nikon 5100 or Canon D650 for student of photography at school & detailed artwork

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Re: Nikon 5100 or Canon D650 for student of photography at school & detailed artwork

alvana wrote:

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!I have decided to get her a Nikon 5200 body only, NOW i need to know which lens do I start her off with? Not the high end please as she is a student, and I am not

In her environment, putting on makeup indoors for the most part I assume, quarters will be tight so I would get her a wide fast lens (low f number). All lenses I mention are Nikon.

Here are some options with primes (single focal length)

1. 35mm f1.8 DX - $200 well regarded lens.

2. 50mm f1.8G - $220 (get the G vs the the D, the G is a better lens, the D is cheaper, some people consider this a weird focal length on DX, sooooo ....)

3. 85mm f1.8G - $450 (again get the G vs the D but 85mm is not a wide focal length so that will be a consideration but she will get better subject isolation with it. Meaning the background will be blurred and the subject in focus).

If you want to get her a zoom.

4. 17-55 f2.8 DX - $1400 but that busts the budget.

5. 16-85 f3.5-5.6 - about $650 great lens but slow (high f number). I have it on my camera 70% of the time but do not take pictures of makeup.

You may also want to consider a flash because of an indoor environment.

6. SB700 - $330 (+ $40 for a Gary Fong lightsphere).

One more thing.

7. A camera bag.

Lots to of options. Assume you do do not live in the US since I believe that the D5200 will not be available till after Christmas here.

Depending on the funds you have available and your original post stating a budget of $1200 I would go with a 35mm f1.8 DX and add a 85mm f1.8G next.

Two things to keep in mind. i) the D5200 is a DX camera so a 35 mm lens has a equivalent field of view of 1.5x or 52.5mm. Don't get lost with this just keep this in the back of your mind, ii) the D5200 does not have an in body motor so the lens you buy must have a motor in it for AF to work. All the lenses I mention here have an in body motor.


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