OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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Sounds like you are losing the track of it ..

Jim Ford wrote:

There are many factors that relate to "the visual properties of the final photo".

You can talk about anything else you like, including what you had for breakfast, but it won't affect that fact that the the lens aperture is purely a physical property of the lens, and nothing else!


I have no idea what it is you are trying to say, but so let's replay it again, shall we?


Jim Ford wrote:

Everdog wrote:

For all formats and exposure, F/1.4 is F/1.4. Only with DoF will F/1.4 on 4/3rds look like f/2.8 on FF.

(Well, at least the principle!)

Why do people have so much difficulty with it nowadays and start banging on about photons and pixels?

Perhaps that will help you a bit. The question was answered in several posts that followed.

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