Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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Re: Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

The technical specs list 1/200 because that is the fastest speed reliably achieved. That one can exceed that with certain equipment under certain conditions is not new news nor is it unique to the D600.

The sync speed of the D600 is related to the time between the shutter first curtain becoming fully open and  the second curtain beginning to close.

Do yourself a favor and read up a bit before spewing more uninformed nonsense.

3D Gunner wrote:

DRode wrote:

3D Gunner wrote:

No, Nikon D600 can sync all kind of external flashes at 1/250 s.

Nikon doesn't agree with you. The technical specs say 1/200 sync speed. I think I'll defer to their opinion on the subject rather than your one-man theory.

David Hobby explains why this matters here: http://strobist.blogspot.com/2012/09/nikon-d600-think-twice-before-you-jump.html (He doesn't agree with you on the D600 sync speed either)

Do you have a D600 and tried 1/250s to sync flash? I have this camera and and I tried (with an powerful old Sunpak flash)

The technical specs say 1/200 sync speed because at 1/250 is not always "perfect", but is not a problem for the large majority of situations, and when a problem occur is a very small problem if somebody insist to use 1/250 sync.

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