Consumer Camcorder with extreme low Light and wide angle capability

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Re: Canon WD-43 Wide Converter

ProtoPhoto wrote:

We all have different styles of shooting. Whether with my camcorders or DSLR, it is always nice to be able to go wider. That said, I find the 43 mm equivalent of the M52 to be fine, and for the highest quality video, felt my accessory money was better invested in external microphones and video tripods than a wider angle lens. YMMV.

I have found the indoors quality to be exceptional, particularly if you are willing to take the time to learn to use the manual controls. Per the camcorder info detailed review linked below, the M52 is the best consumer camcorder they have tested in low light.

The Panasonic V700 and the Canon M52 are two of the very top rated consumer camcorders, and each are very good, but they are quite distinct. The Canon M52 is substantively better for low light and audio, those are the big two for me, so for me personally it is the better choice and I have no problem with paying more for that. Besides being a good bit cheaper, the Panasonice V700 has a wider angle, much bigger zoom, 60 p video and higher resolution stills, so some good stuff going on there as well, just in different categories.

I appreciate your detailed response.  I am leaning towards Canon M500 because I already have many SD cards and there is no reason to pay more money for M50 or M52 with built-in memory.

Is there any difference between M50/M52/M500 other than memory?

Does anyone know how Sony's Handycam HDR-CX580V performs in low light?  Consumer Reports says it is very good in low light but I cannot find any tests and comparison with M52.

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