first attempt at portrait lighting--suggestions welcome

Started Nov 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
proudfather Veteran Member • Posts: 4,710
Re: first attempt at portrait lighting--suggestions welcome

Yeah, lighting is a bit skewed.  Rather than cover the wall with black, consider covering it with white and using it as a reflector.  You really don't need two lights for the face for a tight head shot like this.  I virtually always use reflectors instead of second strobes for fill except for groups and occasionally some full length shots.  Anyway, it's just a consideration for you to experiment with.

Also, the lack of catchlight in her right eye is a little disconcerting.  Moving the camera's left umbrella to 45 degrees and using it as the mainlight, and the 'white' wall as a reflector, I think it would've looked better, to my preference at least.


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