Dust/Oil and Nikon Japan Service - D600

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Re: Dust/Oil and Nikon Japan Service - D600

I went to the Nikon service center this morning in Hong Kong for my D600 which is still coming up with dozens of new dust spots every hundred shots or so, after almost 6k clicks. I discussed with one of their staff who told me that they had on average a couple of customers every day that came with that problem, and that so far the only thing they could do was to offer free of charge sensor cleaning. They have apparently submited data about the issue to Nikon Japan, but so far there has not been an official acknowledgement nor a fix. I got my camera back within the hour, they did an ok job although there were still a few spots left.

So it seems that things are slowly moving at Nikon, let's hope that they come up with a fix sooner rather than later!

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