Copying Old 35mm film negatives, or My, how my style has changed!

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Re: Copying Old 35mm film negatives, or My, how my style has changed!

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Hi. Interesting experience.

I assume you use an OM-D for copying: what systeme did you use and which lens?
I am also still trying to find a practical and cheap system to copy loads of negatives. I have already tried Minolta film scanner but was not satisfied with quality and it took hours and hours to scan!
Also tried sometimes macro lens + Nikon D300 but again quality was not really good and I did not have the right set so there was a lot of cropping too!


After years of scanning with not always satisfying results, I'm starting to use my OM-D for "scanning" and building a system like this

At the moment I use it with a 3.5 50mm macro and the results are promising. A 80mm macro is on it's way I think the investment is about € 600, but a good scanner (Nikon or Minolta) is more expensive and always 2nd hand. As I still do a film, it is important for me to have a good system.


Thanks a lot for your answer Frank, again very interesting. However this is based on quite old hardware, the problem is now to find a used one. Also I understand it is intended to use with Zuiko legacy lenses so I guess I should buy one 80mm macro + adapter for OM-D or is it possible to mount an M43?

there is a lot of old stuff on ebay (that's were I found it) and the advantage is, that it was made to make 1:1 copies of slides and negatives. And yes you need an adapter. Another option may be the 60 mm m4/3 macrolens. In that case you need to find another way to illuminate your negatives and slides and keep them flat.


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