JPEGs vs raw on EM5 and E-PL5

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Re: JPEGs vs raw on EM5 and E-PL5

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

I don't have an EM5 but recently got an E-PL5 so I know it has the same sensor, if not exactly the same processing pipeline.

I'm a long-time raw addict and user of LR4 but I have to say the Oly JPEG engine is blowing me away on the E-PL5. Not only are the colors more pleasant on the eye but I am finding the balance between NR, detail and sharpening on the JPEGs hard to better - or in some cases even hard to match - in Lightroom 4. I'm really surprised by this - I had known the Oly colours would be great but the lack of resolution advantage offered by raw is a surprise, as is the great balance between NR and sharpening in the JPEGs. I'm even finding I can recover highlights almost as well from the JPEGs as I can from the raws. It's shaking my belief that a raw is always a better starting point.

Hi Marco - Yes, the jpeg engine on the OM-D is also very good indeed. I shot both raw and jpeg but except for any shots with extremely wide DR I now use jpeg most of the time.  I agree that in LR4 there does seem to be a lot of latitude pulling back burnout in contrasty jpeg scenes - I was very surprised when I first tried this.  As for any difference in the OM-D's processing, I do not know although the sensors are seemingly the same. Good luck with your shooting.

Dave. (UK)

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