For those who have both - D600 AF compared to x-e1 AF and other differences?

Started Nov 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
GMussio Regular Member • Posts: 193
Re: If only

I did not know you had the D300S already.  In that case, unless money and size is not a factor, you might want to keep it and pair it up with an XE1.  That would give you a versatile kit.  You can use the D300S for action (most action is shot during the day anyways so low light is not necessary) and use the XE1 for travel and perhaps as a second cam.  Just a thought.  You really wont go wrong either way but I feel sorry for all of us!!!  This day and age, its just so hard to decide which system to use and so easy to swap from one to another.  Its a testament to how great all bodies and lenses are these days.  Except for Sony :3  I kid, they make okay stuff too

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