ACR7.2 vs DPP

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Re: ACR7.2 vs DPP


Ive used both Canons own DPP software and ACR and the latter is what i would recommend. For minor adjustments the canon DPP software is fine but ACR really has more firepower. Theres nothing wrong with camera brand DPP software per s,a but they are usually free with the camera (at least thats the case with canon, i believe nikon users used to have to buy the software seperatly) and dont have the huge developement that ACR has behind it. Yes ACR is designed to do its magic on images from almost any camera but it works well with any RAW format suported in my opinion.

If you prefer the interface or "look" of your camera manufactures DPP software or use an independant program like capture one, then by all means enjoy doing so. But please dont be put off ACR because its trying to be a jack of all trades. Many photographers now spend more time in Camera Raw than they do in photoshop as Camera Raw is now able to deliver so much in one place.

The other advantage of ACR is that its in the "same place" as photoshop so you dont have to switch form one program to another if you want to use photoshop tools unavaliable in raw conversion software.

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