5DII 24-105 photos blurred - is there a 'golden' range of SSs for using IS?

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Re: 5DII 24-105 photos blurred - more examples, so there a 'golden' range of SSs for using IS!

Thanks very much for all your really useful points. I've had a look at the full photo and indeed the edges do seem a little less sharp than the centre.

However, following everyone's suggestions I've done some thinking and investigated further. I append 3 photos all taken with the same settings (1/180, f4, ISO 400). Although the distances changed slightly from shot to shot, everything else was the same.

I append 3 100% sections which have been grossly over sharpened to reveal the differences.
It confirms that IS is of no use at 1/180 and that I probably need a medical check :-))) as they  seems to show camera movement in two of them. Would you agree?

Its a bit of a surprise as handheld shots at 1/45th are usually sharp but I guess it just goes to show that IS has an upper effective limit. But I should have known this!

Thanks again


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