My K5 frezzing up

Started Jul 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Stig Vidar Hovland Senior Member • Posts: 1,744
Re: My K5 frezzing up

And the lens release button fell of my K-5 a few days after I ordered my K-5 IIs

Andrew53 wrote:

lawsonstone wrote:

It's because the K30 has come out. You see, when a new model appears, all the previous models become obsolete and cease working. There is a sensor in the camera that goes online and detects that a new camera model is now shipping. This is a trick they use to make us buy all the newest models.

This would be very funny but I got my new K-5IIs today and by the time I get home my 1 year old K-5 can't read SD cards anymore! I never had a problem before today.

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