5dm3 flash SYNC Issue at 1/200th

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Re: 5dm3 flash SYNC Issue at 1/200th

vdotmatrix wrote:

Aussie Rod wrote:

vdotmatrix wrote:

I was shooting in the studio last night and noticed a black band (3mm) along the right side of the frame, abviously the curtain shot at ISO 200, 1/200th f8 on manual. I freaked.

I lowered the shutter speed to 1/160 ND 1/125TH it went away.

Any one seen this?

Yes... I've seen it. I have been using Cactus 4's on my Einsteins and get 1/160. Apparently the PC Buff, Pocket Wizard triggers/receivers etc get 1/200. My 7D gets 1/200 instead of 1/250 with the same cheap triggers.

What are you using?

I was triggering the photogenic studiomax II & IIIs with Pocket Wizard IIs. ugggg. So I called CANON USA today and the said it needed to come in. This morning I setup a couple 580ex IIs and some tt5s, tt1 and the flex controller and shot all over the place without the same phenomenon....

hmmmmm? that is weird yeah?

That is strange!

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