Watermarks is a way of cheating.

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Re: Some of us just don´t care about the "competition" side of challenges.

There's another aspect; relating to the quality of the comments.

Go see the "News" section, and just open a theme announcing something new arriving to the market. Then see some of the comments left below. No-one really wants to have their images evaluated by those who have an opinion about things that they have not even seen before, let alone handled. There are thousands of such pearls of wisdom in every Forum, gods alone know what provokes them. Usually the range spans from senseless equipment bashing to pure senseless trolling, sprinkled with some rare thought or two from those who know.

My point is, it's not what's in the comment, rather who makes it. Given the percentage of useless remarks cluttering the site, I expect the image comments to be about as useful as that. It's not easy to criticise an image, many are very reluctant to offer what might be seen as "cruel truth" upsetting the author, so they'll refrain from commenting.

If I wished to profit from other people commenting my work, perhaps it would be more to-the-point to solicit coments from people whose pictures I appreciate, or from those I'm sure they know what they're talking about.

This can then be easily arranged via PM, without risking an avalanche of "thoughtless thoughts".

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