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Re: hunger strike

Andrewteee wrote:

rondom wrote:

or you can start a hunger strike. a powerful tool against the oppressor/ big corporation who refuses to listen to the people...

but seriously, don't you think time to end these frustrated fan-boy threads? lack of new models cannot be a reason to stop taking pictures. and if you do have a concrete need for a new camera, you should get it immediately despite the brand of the maker. and if you can wait for another year until ricoh introduces a new model what this means that you don't actually need a new camera.

Yes, it's time to end them simply because all we can do is wait. And we continue to take pictures with what we have today - I don't think anyone has stopped simply for lack of new announcements. Are you aware of any photographers who have stopped?


Imagine if Nikon or Canon went dark for over a year. The Earth would slowly stop rotating and frogs would fall from the sky. The uproar would stun the average photographer into oblivion.

well if they did, i am sure there will be other brands available. so the shock effect will not last as long as one might think..but then again why should they? if there is a demand, and if it makes business sense they will keep on going. if some die hard fans think that the ricoh executives are wasting their time in internet fora to establish their business plan...i am sorry for them. this has turned into a dysfunctional short circuit. on and on...the same pathetic threads. sorry, people..i am not thinking of one particular poster here, it has become the only sad discussion.

road map, shroad map....i want to know what you are cooking...this is not like ordering in a restaurant and waiting for hours...but that's what people here think camera companies are...deliver what you want....what a nonsense is that. if you want a food analogy:  it is like going to a fast food chain. you go and pick up what's there. and the menu never changes...ok? but people think they are being served by a gourmet chef with specials of the day. pathetic really....

You have to understand that cameras are tools

i think it is the fan-boys who don't understand that...and i don't consider myself as one: even though i am a fan of ricoh cameras - there is a difference there...

and those of us who are serious about our tools find the ones we like and stick with them because they work for us better than others.

no tool is irreplaceable. some work better than others, but they are just tools. also: almost every tool can be tailored to use in a manner that fits one's habits and purpose. let's talk about ricohs: absolutely fantastic ergonomics and user interface. but almost every other camera can be used in a similar manner: no grips? you can attach one...lack of programmable buttons? (not an issue anymore-almost every serious camera have them) i will give an example with sony nex 5: i truly hated it when i first touched it. after ricoh it was a nightmare. but i used it for about a week when i was visiting a friend: it took me an hour to figure out the menu, and i was able to set it up more or less the same way that i use my GRD3. was i happy to go back to my GRD after a week? you bet...but if it stopped working nothing would make me stop taking pictures.

When your tool maker goes into hiding you begin to worry that your favorite tools will disappear and you will no longer be able to find them.

not a big issue. we will get used it, and find the next thing that fits the purpose: and they do choices should be based on EXISTING MODELS not fantasy models...or upcoming or never coming cameras. this addiction of gear is ANTI-PHOTOGRAPHY

One of my GXR bodies recently broke and long out of warranty (I've been using that same tool since 2009) all I could do was buy a new one. At least they are still available.

that's really great...

However, it's true that if a photographer has a particular need that Ricoh cannot satisfy at the moment then by all means buy what does fill that need.

exactly. what's the point of talking about and waiting for thing that don't exist? this has nothing to do with photography. it is another hobby: camera hobby..fine..nothing wrong with that.

The whole "jumping ship" thing if I do not get what I want thing is silly. I know many of us have multiple tools because there are different kinds of jobs.

that's exactly right. jump the ship, try to burn yourself in front of ricoh headquarters...what makes people think that the camera companies are there to please them? they are there for profits. they have the right to manufacture whatever they want...if they do a mistake they get punished by their users. or they may decide to cease operation. who knows?  this is a time consuming debate....i want a gx300 with built in viewfinder and apsc sensor and this and that etc...these threads go nowhere other than the black holes of www.

That said, the GXR/A12 50mm is my mainstay and with a new body it will keep on ticking for years to come.

i hope so..but the unit can stop working one day, or you can lose it or get stolen or what not...i am sure you will find something as good if not better to replace it, if you have to....

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