Shutter shock with E-M5 and 45/1.8. And a tractor

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Mark B UK wrote:

Is it possible to vary the delay imposed to reduce shutter shock? I think on my E-M5 it's either off, or set to a two-second delay. How can I change it to a shorter delay, and what is the minimum figure likely to reduce any problem? I should add that I haven't noticed this difficulty yet, but most of my images are relatively static so a fraction of a second before the shutter opens wouldn't cause me concern.

Yes, it possible to vary the delay from zero to 30 seconds. Shortest non-zero delay is 1/8 s. You find the setting in the Exp/ISO section of the Custom menu.

Beware that turning anti-shock on (i.e., setting a non-zero delay) is not the same as turning anti-shock on. Rather, what happens is that you get a whole array of new drive modes accessible via the Super Control Panel. You now choose between single-frame with delay and single-frame without, burst with delay and burst without, and so on. The modes with delay has a little diamond-shape next to them.

Thanks; I've now set it to 1/8 sec in all but my high-speed MySet (continuous drive, continuous predictive AF etc) where the delay would be a problem and shutter speeds are mainly high. Is 1/8 sec sufficient delay to avoid or much reduce the risk of shutter shock? I don't want to have too long a gap between pressing the shutter and the image being captured.

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