The End of DX cameras?

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Re: The End of DX cameras? I would say whereto from here?

Definitely not the end of DX cameras, but maybe the end of lower end DSLR, mirrorless options are very exciting and currently offer much more utility for budget photographers i.e. much imporved EVF (liveview), large viewfinders, focus peaking and magnification all three which impact the ability to focus quickly with legacy manual lenses, many of which are superb and relatively cheap.

Before I started using these lenses I would have said not necessary to EVF etc. Even with a large optical bright viewfinder I would not mind, but the current offering of NEX for example, far outshine the current budget DSLR's in utility, on simple things like the viewfinders.

And I was not an EVF person, but it appears that recently they have taken a serious leap ahead of where they were.

And yes, aside from (maybe) some faster shooting at times (IF I find it necesary), I am pretty much sold on MF legacy lenses now.

So, the NEX series holds much attraction,especially seeing what is being produced with the NEX7 (NEX5 even, but one still has to purchase an external viewfinder for that, so the NEX7 and NEX6 make more sense to me).

But, I can only speak for myself, the sales figures will have to speak for everyone else.

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