Lumix 14-140mm .... Really?

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The art of compromise

Coby wrote:

I have not used the Lumix 14-140, but have had the impression from various reviews and comment threads that it's image quality was adequate but not spectacular.

But today I came across two threads, one commenting that it was better than the 14-45 Lumix (at least above 20mm), and the other saying it was sharper than the short end of the Lumix 100-300mm.

I have both the latter lenses and have been happy with them other -- do others of you agree that the 14-140 is even better?

It is sometimes all too easy to forget that m43 photography involves compromises. Many of us who have chosen m43 gear for our photography accept the fact that our camera has an electronic viewfinder or screen display; that it is smaller and lighter than the majority of SLRs; that it has a lower resolution sensor than many dSLRs; that its CDAF autofocus cannot yet fully compete with PDAF systems when it comes to continuous autofocus.

So why do we stick with it?

Because we accept the compromises.

I own all three of the lenses you mention. I started shooting m43 with a G1 and the 14-45mm, graduated to a GF1 with 20mm and finally to a GH2 (for both its stills and video potential) with the 14-140mm and 100-300mm.

I have never performed my own subjective analysis of how good, bad or indifferent these three lenses are in my hands. What I do know is that I appear to have good copies of all three and even if one is slightly sharper than the other at a particular focal length, it is a matter of trivial concern for me. The 14-140mm has two great advantages for me:

  • it is optimised for both stills and video shooting.
  • it covers a very useful focal length range.

If you are out and about in Watford this Saturday you will probably see me shooting images of a local game of rugby football with my GH2 and 14-140. This combination is so versatile and in my hands it is certainly more than good enough for what I need it for.

So, the 14-140mm is not necessarily 'better' (however you choose to define it), but for me it is a compromise well worth making.

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