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Re: Zion National Park

Rick, good to hear from you too, and you are right.

It's Chesley Bonestell I was thinking of with the paintings. Somehow a photographic memory of the book my father had passed in front of me, and Willy Ley was the author on that spine cover.

This I think is the book: http://www.zenker.se/Books/bonestell.shtml, and here is a slightly better rendering of the associated painting of Saturn seen from its moon Mimas, which I'd like you to see as it is the closest now on the web to the more serious of Bonestell's work, and in its relation to your photography: http://farm2.staticflickr.com/1164/751061152_fd5542ec26_z.jpg?zz=1

In truth there's now very little indeed on the web of Bonestell, and what a great loss this is for so many, to someone who has come through scooping everything up for the copyright profits. I know that a year ago or so there was much more.

In truth, there was very much more, in all of this painter's work. It's simply amazing that Bonestell, born in 1888, could have done so much, and so accurately in the deep senses of what space should be like that Werner von Braun commented on. I can still remember the effect, I believe from National Geographic issue collections more even than form this book. As I feel of enough of your images, he had us standing on far planets themselves, and looking into their space and spaces.

Bonestell apparently designed the façade for the Chrysler Building, and did matte paintings in Hollywood for Citizen Kane and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, among his other work, but I think the space paintings, as formally designed as they are to the eye, must be the great gift to vision and the imagination. Willy Ley was his friend, and as writer collaborated with him on the Conquest of Space book; no doubt other things too.

Rick, I'm fine here in the same spot as before, where I can hear the ocean working something up again this evening. I lived in povertied Asia in my twenties, so I work things up. Mainly effort is on writing these days, and towards what I want to write, more than visual things. I get little touches of the Europe I miss; a few weeks ago counseled the Swiss scientist son-in-law of a friend as he's trying to get into the research loop here. This brought much back, and each time I think about it I realize how intricate a journey I have been on -- very useful truth. Maybe sometime when you are in these parts we can have a lunch - would be great.

Take care, and I'll take my care about sheep and goats...wasn't there another tale about those??

Best, Clive

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