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Re: HP Envy X2 - thanks for recommendation

CAcreeks wrote:

Can you get the stylus to work in Photoshop, e.g. click the magic wand, draw a lasso around an area, crop an image, etcetera?

eoff Coupe wrote:

Er, nope. I had the HP TX2000 tablet running under Windows 7. Using a stylus, there was a lot to like about it. Now with Windows 8, the new generation promises a great deal more.

If you're asking about whether these Photoshop functions work with the HP Envy X2, the answer is I don't know; I haven't got one. No-one has, because they don't start shipping until next month.

Theoretically, I don't see why not, because it has an active digitizer screen. Folks over in the TabletPCReview forums are already reporting some success at using Photoshop with similar Clover Trail Atom Windows 8 tablets, such as the Samsung 500T. See

However, the Clover Trail Atom processor has not got the same power as Core i5 processors (which will be in the Samsung 500T Pro and the Surface Pro), so Photoshop probably can't be used very effectively for processor-intensive work.

If you're asking about my old HP TX2000 tablet, then while I did not use Photoshop on it (I don't use Photoshop, period), I don't recall there being any problem about using these sorts of functions in Photoshop Elements, which I did use.

My HP TX2000 gave up the ghost after four years (the video chip went), and I sold it for spares.

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