Best Pentax adapter for Nex 5?

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Re: Pentax DA (PK) to Sony NEX adapter.

Philnw2 wrote:

I bought a fotodiox PK to Nex adapter. I don't recall the Amazon listing saying that it allowed aperture control. But it does have a slide switch on the barrel of the adapter. When i look into the camera end of the lens, the adapter slide switch locks the diaphragm in f2.8 when its in "OPEN" position, for my lens, and when it moves towards "locked", it allows different apertures. To see how this works, or if it works on your adapter, look into the end of the adapter/lens combo to see what effect the slide switch has on the lens. my fotodiox has NO instructions with it, and i'm glad i looked inside to see how the switch affected aperture.

There might be a recent change in the Fotodoix adapter, the aperture clicks being a new feature. The one I have, I just bought. I got it when trying to order a second Fotodoix adapter with the tripod mount that has the aperture slider (no clicks). I somehow bent the lens lock pen on my adapter and it locked a lens on the mount. I got the lens off the adapter and then in trying to bend the pin back into shape, lost the little spring on it.

I have been trying to get the adapter I ordered from Amazon for a week or so, but in three tries, I've gotten three of this new adapter with the clicking, 5 or 6 step, aperture ring and without the tripod mount. It wasn't until tonight that I opened up one the boxes and found that the aperture ring clicks at each full stop on this new adapter. I thought it would just the plain slider adapter like the one I already have, so didn't look at or try them. I was just going to send them back.

I spent the day before yesterday talking with a Amazon rep trying to get what I wanted, the adapter with the tripod mount and aperture slide, and as he couldn't resolve the issue while I was on the phone, he said he would call back the next day. He didn't call, so tonight I finally opened the box to see if I could use it to fix the adapter with the tripod mount I have. I'll now keep the adapter as it might be more useful than just the plain slider adapter, good to have both, I think.

Thank you

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