Very Impressed with 18-55mm zoom on my X-Pro1

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Re: Very Impressed with 18-55mm zoom on my X-Pro1

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Cheers! Without knocking Gerald's post (he can only post about that he has available), to be fair a m43s camera with the Sony sensor and the 12-35 panasonic lens mounted would give a fairer comparison (with much less shadow noise). I suspect the results would be very similar at 100%, the biggest differences being CA, size, and aperture

Me too.

So far, I don't see anything that couldn't be taken with even a standard 18-55 mm kit lens found on the cheapest of DSLRs. I'm very happy that those people who bought the 18-55 mm zoom are ecstatic about their new lens. It looks like a useful lens, and both the size of the lens, and the aperture range it offers is fantastic for the price.

However, sharpness was never a problem with the cheap 18-55 mm kit lenses either, and neither was getting a good photo using those lenses. One problem was barrel and pincushion distortion, but the bigger issue was things like lens flares, and perhaps low contrast in some shooting situations.

I'm impressed with some of the photos, but I don't think it has much to do with this lens.

Have you looked at the original files? They are very, very sharp beyond anything I've seen from canikon or sony. If you have I would love to know what "kit" lenses you are referring to here? I was excluding the likes of the 24-70 zeiss lens I had as a kit with my old A900.

Firstly, you're comparing JPEGs, right?  I believe you that the images are sharp (because they are), but it's just impossible to compare lenses in this way because every manufacturer has their own preference with regards to sharpness and noise reduction when demosaicing.  For example, Nikon JPEGs have never been sharp when the camera is set to default settings, but their NR has always been my favourite by default.   And even with all processing being equal, the Fuji is sharper than a lot of cameras due to the lack of an AA filter.  You can't really attribute this quality to the lens.

All I'm saying is that nothing that has been posted so far couldn't have been taken with a cheap kit lens, bar the f2.8 shots.  Not your photos, or Gerald_H's comparison of an 18-55 lens on a Fuji, to a 14-140 mm wide focal length zoom on a low-end m4/3 camera.  And RichHeath's story about shooting wide open and not getting enough depth-of-field isn't due to this lens.  It's just bad landscape photography to shoot wide open anyway, and if you're going to do so and want a sharp background, then focus at infinity!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'd rather own the Fuji 18-55 mm kit lens for an additional $450 (or retails for ~$600) than the cheap $100 18-55 kit lenses from Canon and Nikon.    However, it's not due to sharpness.  It's due to the extra stop, and the possibility of reduced optical deficiencies found in cheap zooms!!

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