Catch of the night; California Nebula

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Re: Catch of the night; California Nebula

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It's very easy to frame. Go up from the Pleiades, and you'll see 2 stars side by side. Further up in a straight line you'll se a tiny star lining up with the left of the two previous stars (Menkib), and there it is. Even further up there is a brighter star, but then you have gone to far up. Use the view finder and not the LCD screen. Check out this map:

Plan the night in advance, with a cut-out of your field of view. Place this cut-out rectangle over your star map, and you will know accactly what you can get in one shot. I have a cut-out for my 60mm and my 180mm, and plan wide fields and narrower fields with a felt tip pen. With a Planisphere you can even plan whitch image to do first in the evening.

What great advice! I'll definitely give that a try with my longer focal length lenses. What do you mean by "plan wide fields and narrower fields with a felt tip pen"?

With my 8mm fish-eye lens , the trick is how to stay out of it's field of view. You can't hide from it. The rule is "no red flashlights when the shutter is open".

I wonder if anyone has used the electronic viewfinder on the Sony NEX cameras. If so, does it show the brighter stars as well as what you describe for your optical viewfinder? The LCD screen is a challenge in seeing where its pointed, because so few stars are visible in it. Maybe turning up the ISO real high would help.

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