BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

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Re: BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

Glenn_Sydney wrote:

Hi folks

I do a bit of bird in flight photography for fun using a Canon 7D. Some time ago i purchased the above Tamron lens. The lens is great for the price (about 1/3 the price of the 400mm canon lens). I tend to shoot larger birds rather than small birds so figured that the 300mm would suffice. i do now find myself often have to aggressively crop my photos, as its not always easy to get close to my subjects. This shows up weaknesses in the lens (and obviously technique). I am now considering buying the Canon EF 100-400 L after all, but only if the quality of the photos is that much better that it will allow the photos to stand up much better to heavy cropping, when I have to do so and result in much better quality images. This is where I would very much appreciate some information and advice from forum members. Obviously, the Canon lens would require a bit less cropping for starters.

Look forward to opinions, particularly based on experience.


PS. The focus speed of the Tammy is quiet good. Anyone know if that of the Canon is better ?

Hi. I owned the 100-400 L, had a bad copy, sold it and now rent it when I really need it. My regular lens for "big birds" is the Tamron 70-300 SP VC.
I think the Tamron is a great buy....very sharp for the price, reasonable mechanics. I hate the big fat IS on/off switch that I keep hitting by mistake and the CA I get in some shots of trees. Do I think that the Canon is worth 3-4x the Tammy, no.    However, we are comparing apples and pears on the focal length. If you have the Canon you'll do a lot less cropping if the bird is far away or is a small bird. I can't tell you which focuses faster. I tend to think the Canon but I don't have them side by side. For me a big factor is weight....Severe back problem, can't carry around or lift the Canon easily..
As I'm writing this, I'm thinking the best advice is to do what I do before buying an expensive lens. Rent it from Do your own testing for IQ, handling etc. It's not that expensive. Rumors continue to be posted about a "new" 100-400 IS...but who knows when and how much $$$. Good luck.

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