For those who have both - D600 AF compared to x-e1 AF and other differences?

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Re: Huge difference

David McGaughey wrote:

daizykae wrote:

I am looking at both of these cameras and trying to work out if there is enough benefit in AF performance, or any other area, that would justify buying both. I will definitely buy the x-e1 but am wondering if the d600 would be necessary in addition for moving subjects. I understand battery life is significantly better on the d600 but a stack of spare batteries are a lot cheaper than the second camera. From some of what I read there isn't much else to make it worth having both cameras. I'd like to hear from those who have used both.

I don't own a D600, but a modern high-end DSLR phase-detection AF system will crush any CDAF system used on current-gen mirrorless camersa.

The XE-1 won't be able to track moving subjects in any semi-difficult setting (like shooting a person sprinting towards you, or a dog that darts through your frame, etc).

Horses for courses.

what about olympus om-d e-5? i hear that it is one of the fastest auto focusing camera in business.

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