Is it me, or my 450D? Focussing and image quality

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Questions thread
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Slightly soft in picture of your daughter

Your zoom is a varifocal lens, changing f stops as you zoom longer (or shorter for that matter).  So you were shooting at f5.6 which isn't this lens's best f stop.  The general rule is to shoot two stops in from your lenses widest aperture. So f5.6 to f8 is one stop, f8 to f11 is one stop, but together f5.6 to f11 is two stops.

Your shutter speed was 1/250 so to keep your ISO down - increasing your f stop from 5.6 to f11 will mean to get the same shutter speed of 1/250 you ISO will go from 400 to 1600.  Instead reduce your shutter speed roughly around 1/100th and your ISO to 800 and you will have a sharper picture.

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