Moving to primes, should I sell the 16-35 or the 24-70?

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Re: Moving to primes, should I sell the 16-35 or the 24-70?

Ok, I cannot reply to each of you one by one so I'm trying to collectively reply everyone in a post.

I don't think I need wide at 16mm very often. Even when I need to, it's a little distorted for group photos. Other times are when I want to squeeze all in a scenery to a single photograph. I am thinking about what Lemming51 wrote and asking myself if I could live with a 20 or 24mm prime to landscape. I probably could.

Schwany, you sound like my wife. Always buying but never letting go even when under utilised. My thoughts are exactly opposite, sell when there's still value in it and buy new things that's more suited for our needs rather than to have things collecting dust in the dry box. My wife is opposite, much like you, no subtraction, always seen it as a loss. I think 24mm is weird too. I thought about 24mm L once a long time ago but noticed that it's wide and hard to get a frame for everyday use. Too much background, too little subject, cluttered.I'm seriously considering the APS-C NEX.

graphikal, thanks for your suggestions.

  1. Dont intend to keep everything I have. As said, if under utilised, should be sold to fund for something more suited for my needs. All this started with the weight and the reluctant to carry the 5D2 with L lens out for shots. Thoughts of a smaller mirror less system crept up in my head.
  2. I like this suggestion and am now considering it. I think I may be able to live without 24-70L and switch it to a 35mm as my walk around lens. I am happy with 35mm. I am just wondering if it's wise since I have the 16-35L. The 35mm on the 16-35L will make a new 35mm lens quite redundant.
  3. Thought about this but fear that I might be frustrated changing lens. Thought about this with 2 bodies even, but am not sure if it's wise. I'm already stuffed with just the 5D2. I think selling both lens should have enough cash to get me a 35L and a 85 f/1.8.

Lemming51, thanks again for coming to my rescue. I didn't know that the diagonal angle of view for 24mm and 35mm is about 20 deg apart. This is good information, thanks for sharing.

Kevin Jorgensen, I don't think the 85mm f/1.8 is better than my 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II. This is the only lens I have not thought of selling. But it's a different story for my UWA and mid-zoon. Thanks for your invaluable advise, I used to think I could live with f4 but had problems during low light, then I switched to L. I like it but I think I'm kinda done with zoom, cause they're heavy too. I am thinking of trying out one of the primes. I'm going to start of with 35mm, need to borrow a friend's unit and live with it for a month or so before actually buying it.

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