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Re: Viewing 3Dwithout 3D googles

TIP:  Training 3D-viewing without special goggles:

First, I'll recommend limiting "the training sessions" to just a minute or two.  Take care, and notice any unexpected, lasting after-effect to your normal eyesight. If so, stop doing this exercise !

(I have a rather distant memory of reading a warning like this, on this subject. Anyone with expertise in the field can comment on this subject ? )

A few 'rehearsals' and then you'll see ....:-D

1.  Use Zoom-function on browser, and reduce zoom factor until easy to see 'double'  (get rather  close to your monitor). After some adjustments of zoom / viewing distance, you will be able to see a small 3D picture, this time in focus !   ('the trick': Dont' try too hard, instead relax a bit, allowing your eyes to de-focus....)

2. Then zoom out browser (small step) to increase picture size, at the same time sligthly increasing viewing distance.

-After some time, you'll master this !  The first time is always a thrill ....

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