Beercan - Diagnose problem #2

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Re: Beercan - Diagnose problem #2

MinoltaDrew wrote:

My Minolta 70-210 seems to be a hot mess. I've already received help figuring out it has a sticky aperture. Problem not solved, other than to shoot close to wide open, at least until I decide what to do (fortunately soccer season is over).

Next problem. At short focal lengths (below ~135) pictures are sharp. When I get out to higher lengths, particularly at 210, I get results as below. A lot of blur, which isn't motion blur (shutter speed 1/1250 in this example, and I get it with even higher shutter speeds too).


Similar thoughts to other posters.  I have this lens also and use it on my A900, but used it on my A550, before I exchanged it for A900.

Firstly, at f4.5 and 210mm, your depth of field will be paper thin.  Second, on APS C format sensor it's acting like 315mm lens, so very difficult to hold steady, even at your high shutter speed.

Third, motion blur is clear in player number 16, who as you rightly say, is also well out of the plane of focus.  But if she's moving fast enough for motion blur, so most likely are the others, so you shouldn't expect the players to be really sharp.

Forth.  Agree with poster commenting that at open aperture and 210mm focal length, you can expect the worst of this lens.  It's bound to be a little soft at these settings.

Finally, a little PP sharpening would help and at least it's well exposed and not a bad record shot of the event.

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