Request: Photoshop is an application. CS6 is a Software Suite

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Re: Request: Photoshop is an application. CS6 is a Software Suite

Stflbn wrote:

I keep seeing it more and more. People saying "I used CS5 or CS6 etc to edit this photo". CS6 is Adobe Creative Suite 6, it's a Software Suite of applications that includes Photoshop. I very much doubt someone is using InDesign, or Illustrator, or Dreamweaver to edit their photo's, so they potentially miss-leading an unknowing user instead of saying they used Photoshop.

Stating it wrong 'could' end up with an unknowing user purchasing the entire suite when they could only need Photoshop for their image editing needs.

On this forum (which is a clearly a photography forum), I use the expression "CS5" for clarity so that people know which version of Photoshop I have used. There is also Photoshop Elements and the differing versions (e.g. CS4, CS5, CS6) of Photoshop do not all do the same things in exactly the same ways. I think in a photography forum it is more important to tell people the version (of the industry default application) you used.

Ultimately your point should be made to Adobe, who I am sure have their own reasons for marketing their products under the overlapping Creative Suite family banner. I totally agree that the way Adobe bundles and packages/names their products is indeed confusing, but I find it very hard to believe that many "unknowing users" accidentally purchase Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection (in UK that will currently cost you £2,644.50) when Adobe Photoshop CS6 is all they really needed (and even that merits due consideration to know what you are getting at £660.51). [I am am not going to quote all the prices of all the subscription, student/teacher, etc., packages, but yes I know they exist].

And that's only if you're really digging into changing something about a photo. In most cases LR4 can do 90% or more of most people's photo tweaking needs.

Where I have used Lightroom (or "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom" as it is now called - this is what you are meaning isn't it, and not some other application abbreviated to LR), I also refer it to e.g. LR4.3RC, for the same reason - version number is the more important detail.

I think pretty much all people are capable to search and work out which product is being referenced when someone says "CS6" in this forum; if not they can ask. They certainly should do to be clear before spending that quantity of money. In DPR, if I do use e.g. Illustrator CS6 for anything I would say exactly that to be clear as opposed to the vernacular Photoshop CS6.

End of request.

Did you try to post your request to other DPR forums? The same "CS6" = "Adobe Photoshop CS6" abbreviation philosophy is used across all DPR forums as far as I know.

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