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Re: Some of us just don´t care about the "competition" side of challenges.

RaptorUK wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

RaptorUK wrote:

pixelless wrote:

Yes... I´m with you on this one. I need help and am not in for the glory!

Then the correct thing to do is post your images for review in the Samples & Galleries Forum not in the Challenges.

How do you figure?

Look at the description of the Samples and Galleries Forum . . .

"Welcome to the Samples and Galleries Forum, the place to share and discuss your galleries / portfolios and to post samples for comments and critiques. Brand bashing will not be tolerated in this forum."

You said . . . "The purpose of the challenges on pbase (at least the ones I participated in) was mainly to learn from each other. Comments on the photos was a huge beneficial part of the process. Sometimes a picture would be modified and re-submitted to the challenge in response to the posted comments. This is the way it should be, in my opinion."

if you want comment and critique post you images in the place that is intended for exactly that purpose . . .

Fine, but the Samples and Galleries forum does not have any voting associated with it. If you recall the history of the challenges, they were originally run in various forums with the images located elsewhere. The first beta of the dpreview version of the challenges had topics chosen by dpreview and comments where not possible. The next release introduced comments. Why add such a feature if it should not be used?

You may wonder now about how I reconcile this with my agreement with the "some of us don't care about the 'competition' side of the challenges" comment.

Comments provide feedback. So do votes. It is possible to get the impression from comments to an image that people think it's a great image, yet receive very few votes -- and vice versa. They are two different ways of evaluating images.

Something that I also found useful was to have more than one version of an image in a challenge, one being the original version submitted, the other being another version with tweaks done in response to commentary. Comparing the votes of the two images serves as a measure of the helpfulness of the comments. If you disallow comments, such a useful thing is not possible. If you stick with the Samples and Galleries forum, such a thing is also not possible.

Bottom line is that it is useful to have both comments and voting.

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