Shoulder strap ruins D-800

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Re: Assuming that the D800 plate is screwed into the bottom of the body, maybe the body points..

Dalmellington wrote:

8TAV wrote:

Oh yes there was a warrantee and I sent a copy of it with the original shipment.

I have written two letters and thus far there has not been any replies.

Your suggestion to talk to a manager is good but trying to get to one is frustrating and then getting to one that understands the problem and can make a useful comment near impossible. Would you know any person and their address?

Maybe if some of the nice guys on this site would write to Nikon telling them about this issue and requesting a comment about the event would produce some action. Ten letters on the same issue might make a company notice.

How about you write 20 letters? I would if it had happened to me (I have a d800e, and wouldn't have hesitated to use a tripod strap if it had suited me) - as I said, it's a 3k camera- as per nikons own engineering you can support the camera body with a heavy lens on it's tripod socket,so how were you supposed to know that a prime lens and a tripod attached strap would render the camera useless? Call them every day til you get some satisfaction. get in touch with nikon worldwide, or nikon Japan. Send a letter from a lawyer threatening legal action. Ask the dealer who sold you the camera for a replacement- contact your local consumer rights group, register a complaint against nikon and the dealer-let nikon and the dealer know you registered a complaint- All of these cost you a lot less than replacing the camera. If you make enough noise for long enough, Im fairly sure they'll eventually want to make you go away- accept nothing less than a replacement. Squeaky wheel man.

Squeaky wheel is right, though I think spending that much time usually yields nothing (as an individual).

I don't know the area of the country you are in OP, but I would consider letting someone 'advocate' for you. Where I am, the local news programs love stories like these. And you know what, it works. Consider some of the photography magazines, write to their advice columns, see if you can get Ken (master blaster) Rockwell to inquire with Nikon.

I am serious.

I love the Nikon brand, but I do think they are having (at least) some QC issues today. But this sounds more like a design issue.

Regardless of the direction of force placed on that screw mount, at least a disclaimer would have been in order. I often (mistakenly) have thought that was the strongest support of our cameras, likened to the structural reinforcement of the tail hook on a Navy fighter through its frame.

Nikon could care less if you had reported a new D600 accumulating oil/dust but I guarantee the company will be careful in their response to dpreview or Len Rental.

Best of luck to you.

I know it is an impressive camera but this just makes me pause further before pulling the trigger on a D800. If a camera this expensive has to be 'babied', it's probably not the best camera for me.

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