fuji x-e1 vs olympus omd e5 ?? which is a better travel camera ?

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Re: fuji x-e1 vs olympus omd e5 ?? which is a better travel camera ?

57even wrote:

sanchil wrote:

i have been considering buying a new camera for a while now. i love trekking and travelling and would like a small sized camera that will take a fair amount of beating and be able to take excellent pictures, in other words an excellent all round travel camera. i did a quick comparison of fuji x-pro1 (x-e1 is still not available) and olympus omd and nikon d600 and nikon d800 using the photo comparison tool of dpreview (because the comparison needed atleast four cameras ... ). i must say i have been very impressed by the performance of both fuji and oly. in terms of image quality, the oly and fuji seem evenly matched up until around iso 1600 and there after the fuji seems to pull ahead of oly with its nicer and cleaner images. but the oly images seem more pleasing when compared to fuji at lower iso or normal lighting conditions.

the auto focusing issue with fuji is probably not a deal breaker because i do tend to use manual focusing a lot. what worries me is that with x-pro1, even manual focusing seemed to have issues. i'm presuming that the performance of x-pro1 and x-e1 would be similar. i really do wish that dpreview carries out a real world side by side testing for cameras such as om-d and x-e1.

if ever there was measure such as IQ/(camera weight or camera vol) ... i will say that both fuji and oly are more than a match for the full frame nikons ... but i guess there really is no such universal measure for image quality ...

Just to clear up some misunderstandings, X-E1 af and mf are not an issue. If they are not as fast as OMD, then they are still very accurate and the speed with the new zoom is good enough so as not to notice. Its also a great lens with very effective OIS. Fuji has issues a number of FW updates for the Xpro1 too which now matches the X-E1.

Both good cameras though. I would choose X-E1 for high ISO IQ and a bit more DOF control, EM5 for better environmental protection and additional features you may or may not need. Either will do a great job as a travel cam, but I much prefer the Fuji controls.

ok well ... leaving aside most of the features of these two camera such as focusing .. image stabilization etc .... if we consider just the IQ alone ... is fuji's IQ really better than oly? i know fuji has a better sensor .. it has a larger sensor than oly .... but is that "better" actually getting reflected on images or is it just a common perception?

i find that the oly IQ not only matching that of the fuji (x-pro1) but is actually looking better on dpreview's comparison tool up until ISO 1600. beyond that it is fuji all the way with nice clean images ... there's no doubt about that ....

i would like to know if that's just me or there others who feel the same ... about the IQ.

would i be right in concluding that if ur a traveler shooting in normal lighting conditions most of the time u must go for oly and if are shooting in low light then go for fuji ...

my problem is that end of the day i can buy jus one of these beautiful cameras ... usually all things being equal the brand biases kick in and help in decision making ... in this particular case both are my favorite brands ...and it's becoming jus as hard to make a decision ...

i guess i know i can't go very wrong with either of these cameras ... and somehow i might end up making my original question seem like a rhetorical one ...

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