How to adjust level indicator on OM-D?

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Re: How to adjust level indicator on OM-D?

John Bean (UK) wrote:

jsmiller wrote:

John Bean (UK) wrote:

jsmiller wrote:

If someone thinks that the horizon on the ocean, where the sky meets the ocean, isn't level, I'd like to know the explanation.

Nice to hear that the Flat Earth Society is alive and well...

On a trip to London I discovered that the owner of the hotel was a member of the Flat Earth Society. I asked him why and he said just look, it sure looks flat. I asked about astronauts and their pictures, and he said that was all a Hollywood production- they can fake anything.

I wonder how he explains why it's not daytime everywhere on the planet at the same time; on his flat earth the sun would always be visible (or not) at any given time no matter where you were on its surface.

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John Bean [BST (GMT+1)]

That would be too complicated a question for this fellow, who would have said I was trying to trick him. Someone in this thread mentioned that I am in Santa Cruz. Across Monterey Bay about 25 miles away is the power station at Moss Landing. If I take an image of it from the seashore, the horizon cuts right through the power plant. If I take one from my house, which is on a hill, or from the UCSC campus, the beach in front of the power station is visible. It's a nice demonstration of the curvature of the earth, though I'm sure the Flat Earth people would have another explanation.  I canpost these if people are interested.

Incidentally, while we are on this, people are often taught that Columbus proved the earth was spherical. In fact for more than 2000 years educated people at least knew the earth was round. Erotosthenes measure the diameter of the earth 2200 years ago and got it right to about 1% if we understand his unit of distance to be the stadium on Athens (big) rather than typical stadia.


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