fuji x-e1 vs olympus omd e5 ?? which is a better travel camera ?

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Re: fuji x-e1 vs olympus omd e5 ?? which is a better travel camera ?

thnx @GodSpeaks ...

there's probably no easy way to define the measure of an IQ considering that there'll never be a way to agree upon a common set of criteria... having said that i would still like to know if i'm getting enough IQ for the weight/vol that i'll be carrying on my travels. in other words are the FF giving me enuff IQ worth their weight/vol or are the mirrorless peers better. i suspect the mirrorless cameras are doing better job at the moment but that's just my opinion.

yes agree ... FF are definitely good for studio and professional work and mft and mirrorless are better for travel. for a long time i had felt that the needs of travel photography were completely ignored by digital format cameras. its only recently that they started coming up with mirrorless format compact cameras which are naturally suited for travel.

i went thru quite a few threads and review blogs and decided that x-e1 and om-d em-5 may be the best choices available for travel photography currently ... though panny may come up with something in future as well i'm sure ...

are there any other specific cameras you feel make good travel companions ... i did consider panny gx1, oly pen series ... but fuji x-e1 and om-d seem to be the current flavours ...

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