16MP v 24MP sensors

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Re: 16MP v 24MP sensors

illy wrote:

i'm tempted with the D5200, just need a few reviews and raw samples to make any kind of decision, and bronze will be my colour of choice

Hello you. Having a break from tormenting the FT folk

Knowing you are one for a bargain, have you considered picking up a new D5100 for VERY little money? There is a £55 cash back at the moment. You can get one for what works out something like under £280. That's crazily cheap. Ok, its not a Dxxx class body, but that sensor is truly amazing, and don't let those Oly fanboys fool you, you can wrangle the files noticeably more than an EM5, well ... apart from the highlights, where oly's mega underexpose trick does give it an advantage .... so just dial in a little -EV on the nikon if needed...

On a tripod at base ISO with that flippy out screen and easy live view, its just an amazing landscape camera! Best one I have out of ALL my cams!

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