Ballhead release type?

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Re: Ballhead release type?

ata3001 wrote:

I prefer the screw type. I don't want any type of release that can be accidentally released such as the lever type. Imaging flipping your camera strap out of the way while camera is mounted on the ball head only to have the strap accidentally catch onto the release lever as you do this. Oops??? With the screw type, you need to physically turn it to release it. Much more secure in my book!!!

many lever releases have "security pin" or a slide-in rail specially designed to prevent this kind of accidental dismounting. so if you choose right type of lever-released clamp, it's no problem at all.

I myself have screw lock in my Sirui head. works fine, takes a little more time to loosen/tighten than a knob, but that's not a big deal. I usually need more time myself to think about the photo anyway

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