XE1 black body in stock in the US? (other than Amazon)

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Re: XE1 black body in stock in the US? (other than Amazon)

Photo-Wiz wrote:

arhmatic wrote:

pghrugger wrote:

Anyone know where I can pick up a black XE1 body in the US other than Amazon? Jerks decided to start collecting sales tax for orders shipped to PA.

Jerks decided to collect sales tax for orders shipped to CA. Just now, after over a dozen orders places with them over the years...

You can refer to them as jerks, but those sale and use taxes pay for the local services in your community such as building and repairing roads, fire department, police department, education etc. Even when the sale tax is not charged by an out of state store, some of us report the purchase on our tax return and pay the required Use Tax.

While I agree and have no problem paying sales tax, I find it hard to understand Amazon's random decision add sales tax on this particular sale ONLY.

This is an item sold by the same old Amazon, same Amazon who sold me numerous items before and after my X-E1 pre-order, not a third party seller located who knows where.

Someone please enlighten me.

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