Nexus 7 as a mobile data transfer platform

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Re: Nexus 7 as a mobile data transfer platform

technic wrote:

j.m.young wrote:

Yes the Nexus 7 will transfer to a Powered USB external 500 gb drive also connected via the Hub IF you use a app like "Nexus Media Importer" or if rooted use "StickMount". You will also most likely want a file browser like "File Manager". I own a Nexus 7 and do like it. But I also agree with what technic wrote above.

yes, even though I own a Nexto PSD, I'm considering Nexus 7 for additional functions; first of all browsing/viewing pictures which no PSD can do with sufficient quality and speed. I guess I would use the USB transfer to an external drive only for special occasions because it is too slow compared to a PSD.

How is the viewing performance of Nexus 7 using internal storage compared to an external USB hard disk or flashcard? Can it quickly generate thumbnails of large file folders, or do you need lots of patience? How fast is loading of full size images (10-20 MP jpeg), or zooming/scrolling at 100% size? I'm trying to decide if I can get away with storing my images on the PSD (my Nexto has 20 MB/sec transferrate) or if I would need to store downscaled versions of my images on the Nexus 7 for better performance.

Viewing is quick. You see the photo appearing on the screen it is not instant but I don't feel like i'm waiting. This is with full size images on an SanDisk Ultra 64 GB card and a transcend USB3 card reader. You have to use a usb OTG cable to connect the card reader. I don't see much if any difference if the photo is on the card or the Nexus 7 itself. Thumbnails show up quickly also. Pictures were taken with an Olympus E-M5 so are about 16 MP jpegs. I really do like the Nexus 7. I'm out birding a lot and can usually find a pocket it fits in but wish it had a SD card slot built in. Battery lasts all day for me with moderate use.

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