Macro Lens to shoot Jewelry....

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Re: Macro Lens to shoot Jewelry....

anish_sha wrote:

EmmanuelStarchild wrote:

I agree with the others that recommend the EF-S 60mm. GREAT macro lense.

The most inexepensive option, IMO, would be the 500D close up lense. They have 58mm.

Planning for Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens , will tht be a better option if price is not a constrain?

It depends. The 60mm macro on a crop sensor will have a comparative filed of view similar to a 100mm lens on a full frame.

The 100mm lense you referenced on a crop sensor will have a comparative field of view similar to 160mm on a full frame. If you're ONLY doing jewelry and other stationary objects, then the 60mm is more than enough for your needs.

But, maybe you want to do some macro work on live objects that are skittish(insects and such)? Then yes, the 100mm would serve a great dual purpose. You could stand farther away with the longer focal length.

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