Windows backup OK for changing C drive?

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Re: Windows backup OK for changing C drive?

I did something similar to you and had just as much trouble (but solved it). I had two hard drive bays. The primary (320gb) was my C drive, and the secondary (320gb) was my D drive. I went through all the same things you're doing to replace my C drive with a 1TB drive, and struggled. I finally came to a solution that worked. I will assume your M drive is installed in a secondary bay.

Try this:

1. Leaving your original C drive in the primary bay, remove the secondary drive (M) and install your new larger hard drive in it's place.

2. Use software to CLONE your C drive directly to your larger secondary drive.

3. Remove both drives and place your newly cloned drive into the primary bay and start her up.

You will find that everything is exactly same and that the partition size is identical as well, which will leave a tone of unallocated space on the new drive. You can remedy this with some free software which will let you add that unallocated space to the C drive partition....finishing the job. Put your M drive back in the secondary bay...or whatever you plan on doing.

On a side note, I keep my original C drive in a safe place in the case that something goes wrong and I need to pop in another hard drive with windows installed, etc.

good luck.

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