Banding with the E-M5 and the 20/1.7: A potential work-around

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Re: Any correlation with battery charge level?

thinkfat wrote:

Since Lithium based batteries have a distinct voltage vs. charge behavior, do we have enough data to correlate the banding to the charge level of the battery? Switch mode power supplies behave differently depending on the input voltage, too...

Well, at least we should be able to generate such data. And your idea is a very good one.

But I am beginning to despair a little about the tractability of the problem. Last night, I wanted to do some additional experiments (it's been several weeks since I last tried to do so) prompted by tsi's new comments. Much to my surprise and dismay, I suddenly had clear and prominent banding no matter how I tried to "warm up" the lens and no matter whether I was shooting wide-open or stopped down.

At this point, the battery indicator started blinking and so I thought: Aha, here we have a concomitant cause. So I replaced the battery by a fresh one, hoping/thinking that the problem would go away. But it didn't. I tried to let the camera/lens rest for a while. Still no luck.

Quite a few hours later, after I had taken a longer pause to focus on other things, I managed to produce banding-free shots again. Still can't say with certainty whether my old work-around still works at the current stage.

I was quite sure I had a replicable scenario. As indicated in my OP, I repeated my initial experiments quite a few times, over a period of several days, before I even decided to post anything about it since I was aware that what I saw might just be a chance occurence. But everything worked essentially the same every time.

But after my exercises last night, I don't quite know what to think any more. And yes, my testing context hasn't changed: same test targets, same camera position, same camera settings, same room temperature, and so on. So what's left: Seasonal variations, the phase of the moon, the clothes I am wearing?

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